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Girl Rockers Against Bad Boys' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Girl Rockers Against Bad Boys

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Hey girls... [06 Dec 2004|04:40pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Is it working still? I would love to join...Welcome me, Im alisa/16/russia \m/ Rock On

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Pictures! [19 Jul 2004|05:15pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Kill me...Collapse )

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... [02 Jul 2004|09:41pm]

I got dumped for one of my bfs groupies...;(
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My asshole bf [05 Jun 2004|03:44pm]

[ mood | grumpy ]

Before I go with my story let me introduce myself,its Drea or Andrea or Drew whatever,I live in Cali,have a band.I'm going into highschool,just graduated today.Hello. Well I have this bf,hes six bloody months younger than me...ooo...seems like I'm dating a fucking 5 year old.I always have to take care of him,I'm like not his girlfriend,I'm his second bloody mother!!If I ever get him sad,I take care of him and make him feel better,but if I'm sad he gets defensive and a dick about it. Hes jealous everytime I talk to a guy,its like a fucking war everytime some guy approaches me. But hes one of those assholes that when hes nice hes a damn sweetheart and you feel like your in nirvana with.Hes a cutie pie and if you want to see a pic of him its in my journal under the post Jay. The only reason I went up to him was because he was just so hott... Thats it! <33

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New G.R.A.B.B. Banner [10 Apr 2003|04:05pm]


Unless someone can come up with a better one. I think the logo is fitting?

Take one and pass 'em on!
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* To all the assholes that won't be missed * [09 Apr 2003|01:36am]
[ mood | cranky ]

DOOOOOOOD.... you know how you get REALLY stupid and decide to forgive someone????


ugh....never again, NEVER will I allowmyself to be such a tard and allow such an insignificant asshole walk all over my with big ass treds.......

FUCK ANYONE who thinks they will fuck with me from here on out......

Boi or girl..... but especially bois........


I'm ready.... just try it!!!!!

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[08 Apr 2003|02:29pm]

[ mood | bitchy ]

gettin' my song list together for the GRABB site.
Here's the "so far"
songs about kicking boys (or something like that...) Collapse )

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[07 Apr 2003|03:17pm]


A few announcements:

***The GRABB site is getting revamped, it looks much more like a sorority and I'm very proud to say we have new members and slowly but surely reeking havoc on our men!

***If you'd like to Moderate our Yahoo group, let me know I need 2 people!

***I also need a list of 10 songs from each of you that are good love, broken heart, I hate you now type of songs and well as links to your favourite girl sites and site to boys that we can point and laugh at!

Thank you all!!!!!
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[07 Apr 2003|03:07am]

[ mood | contemplative ]

Well GRABB gals, My band played Friday night and Tims soon to be babbys momma (that he was cheating on me with was there) I onlt know this becasue my bass player is Tims brother in Law... anyways point being, they are broke up now, I'm gussing he dumped her, she was sitting there all pregnant and sad lookin, plus I heard through the grapevine a few weeks back that he didn't even like her anymore... I'm glad I put him in the HOS. pfft.

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i don't understand how a heart is a spade... [05 Apr 2003|06:30pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

i thought everyone should be aware of the fact that when someone tells you they're going to do something and then blows you off for something they think (and are EXTREMELY wrong about) is better, it's called "you're being weird" - not "i'm a fucking liar and never keep my word". hmmm...interesting...

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[05 Apr 2003|02:57pm]

Alright ladies...I decided to today to yet again change the GRABB site to a more professional looking site. Your mission should you choose to except it is to recruit 2 new members this week!

We've got a strong following, just goes to prove great minds think alike--esp if they are smart strong independant women!
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[04 Apr 2003|12:10am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hello fellow G.R.A.B.B gals,
I just joined and boy did I have a hard time deciding which asshold to put up, I decided to go with tim from Hemigod, although I'm thinking Johhny Flash of The Lanternjack needs to go up too!

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[03 Apr 2003|09:09pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Just wanted to say hello to everyone...hehehe! And give much love to Lisa for taking her time to make the site and start the LJ community, and yahoo group! She has put alot into this ladies, and wanted to let her know how much we appreciate her.

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[03 Apr 2003|05:30pm]

I just wanted to welcome everyone to GRABB since I didn't post earlier!

The site should be completed by tomorrow! So be sure to stop by!

G.R.A.B.B. Co-Founder
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