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My asshole bf

Before I go with my story let me introduce myself,its Drea or Andrea or Drew whatever,I live in Cali,have a band.I'm going into highschool,just graduated today.Hello. Well I have this bf,hes six bloody months younger than like I'm dating a fucking 5 year old.I always have to take care of him,I'm like not his girlfriend,I'm his second bloody mother!!If I ever get him sad,I take care of him and make him feel better,but if I'm sad he gets defensive and a dick about it. Hes jealous everytime I talk to a guy,its like a fucking war everytime some guy approaches me. But hes one of those assholes that when hes nice hes a damn sweetheart and you feel like your in nirvana with.Hes a cutie pie and if you want to see a pic of him its in my journal under the post Jay. The only reason I went up to him was because he was just so hott... Thats it! <33
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